Collaborative QA
for machine learning


Track models & datasets

Unbox makes it easier than ever before to track and version all your models and datasets, allowing the team to collectively focus on what matters most—building production-ready models.


Uncover & explain errors

Filter through your model’s predictions to quickly identify common failure patterns and tricky edge-cases alike. Our explainability techniques help you take corrective action in minutes.


Test-driven development

Unbox’s test suites are designed to reduce the burden of proof on simple metrics like accuracy and F1 on your dataset. Now, you can thoroughly test your models, catch regressions, and ship with confidence.

Built by ex-Siri engineers

Rishab Ramanathan
CTO at Unbox
Prev. ML platform technology at Apple
Gabriel Bayomi
CEO at Unbox
Prev. Siri ML at Apple
Vikas Nair
Product at Unbox
Prev. R&D future experiences at Apple

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